Custom branded galleries

Custom branded galleries and pages that match your style. Easily set custom logos, menus, social icons and your own domain.

Brand page

Phototree creates a brand page showcasing your galleries where you can advertise your services and link out to things like your home page, booking forms and social networks. For photographers and video creators who only want to delivery media privately this page can be set to 'hidden'.

Familiar and safe

Phototrees whitelabling and re-branding lets you change logos on pages, domains and emails. Your customers will feel safe within your ecosystem and conversion rates will increase.

Watermark processing

Phototree allows automatic watermarking while uploading. Choose from pre-defined watermarks or upload your own custom watermark that matches your brand image.

Your creation, your style

Your photos deserves better than an ad-filled file transfer service or a bright blue Dropbox logo. Phototrees customizable brand pages, customizable photo and video galleries and minimal content first design will give it the platform it needs to shine.

Start creating your own galleries

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