Video delivery and video sales

Easy, brandable, mobile friendly galleries for videographer and creators.

Fast preview

Before downloading videos can be previewed in browser. Skip the hassle of DVD-ROM and Blu-ray and deliver directly to your customers handset.

Multiple upload

It's possible to upload multiple videos and even photos to the same gallery in parallel. Video creators can deliver multiple versions of their works in a single gallery.

Ultra fast uploads

Leveraging the worlds largest cloud service allows us to upload at high speed and watermark videos as they are uploaded.

Your creation, your style

Your creation deserves better than an ad-filled file transfer service or a bright red Youtube logo. Phototrees customizable brand pages, customizable video galleries and minimal content first design will give it the platform it needs to shine.

Full sized downloads

At upload time multiple resolutions of your video are created for fast streaming, however the full sized video is preserved and available for download and / or purchase by your customers.

Start creating your own galleries

Join for free, start uploading in as little as 2 minutes.